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If you’re looking for the best way to outstand from other businesses, you need Brochure Printing Chicago. What are you waiting for? La Prensa offers high quality at the best price.

A Brochure is an important graphic piece for your company. It allows you to complement outstanding information in events, seminars, congresses, products, services, and others. A brochure is a booklet, usually divided into three sections. In these sections a presentation of a company or product is made, trying to give customers as much information as possible. Brochures are lightweight and easy to transport. This makes them one of the most adaptable marketing tools. Also, they are cost-effective since they are quick and easy to manufacture. Thus, a brochure is just what your business in Chicago may need.

Brochures are a highly requested marketing tool that your business can use. And La Prensa is more than glad to assist you in the process. We’ll cover everything from the design to the delivery.

Brochure Options for your Business

Half Fold

This is the basic model of a brochure. It’s perfect for information sheets and brief presentations. Also, it has a booklet appearance that reflects elegance and professionalism.


This type of brochure is the most commonly used because of its versatile folds. These work amazing for product marketing.

Z Fold

Instead of one panel tucking inside, three panels are folded in opposite directions. This results in a really creative design which makes it suitable for a mailed piece or span panels.

Open Gate Fold

This design is the right one for important reveals. The shorter panels act as a double-door opening. If you’re launching a new product or need to advertise a new service, this is the right choice.

Quarter Fold

The quarter fold is mostly used for invitations and menus because of its size and shape. Choose this brochure design and customize it to your needs.

Accordion Fold

This fold has four panels which makes it ideal for brochures with a lot of information on them.

The Benefits of Brochures

  • Professional brochure design and layout.


  • High-quality printing to catch the eye of potential clients.


  • Full-color graphics that will make your business stand out.


  • Create opportunities for questions.

When to Use Brochures


  • You can use it as sales support. It’s best to give your brochures away after an in-person meeting.


  • You can also leave them at the location of your business. Your clients will take the brochure with them to learn more about your products or services.


  • Direct mail the brochure so that you deliver your message in an effective way.

High Quality Brochure Printing Chicago?

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Why choose Brochures as an advertising strategy?

Brochures manage to draw the attention of potential clients to a business or an event.  Our customized ones can make outstand from other businesses. Our brochure has 3 main functions:

It is Informative: We present various aspects of your company. Whether it is new products, vision, services, purchasing procedures, etc.
It Advertises: It is one of the great marketing tools. It reminds customers the services offered by your company.
Identity: We show your company’s logo and slogan. We even add images of it or of the processes you want to highlight.

Our brochures  are usually used to spread information about your business or products/services.

Nowadays, many businesses use brochures to display their company’s name. Now it’s the best time to get brochures to promote your business.


Brochure Design Tips


Take advantage of this cost-effective tool to spread your message. For this, you have to add unique design elements so that your business stands out from this competition. Also, make sure all elements in your brochure, both text and images complement each other.
When choosing between scoring and folding, take into account that scoring is better for heavier stocks of paper. On the other hand, folding machines produce accurate folds that look clean and elegaant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?
First, choose the available options to customize your order. After that, click on ADD TO CART button and proceed to checkout. You’ll then receive an ORDER ID.
2. What kind of paper do you use for brochures?

Our brochures are printed on a 150 g/m² glossy paper with a glossy finish on both sides. All products are printed with offset or digital printers. We also adapt to the needs of the client.


3. What are the necessary elements of a brochure?

The necessary elements are your company’s logo, color scheme and photographs. The color is what will make the other elements on your brochure outstand.


4. Why should I use a brochure to advertise my products?

Brochure are the best option to inform more about your products and/or services. It gives a personal touch and immediately catches potential clients eyes. Thus, it’s one of the best alternatives out there.


5. Can you design a logo for me to include on my brochure?

Yes, our graphic designers will succeed to create a unique logo for you to include on your brochure.


6. If I add a lot of text to my brochure, should I choose a glossy or matte finish?

Matte coated paper matte are the best option if yo want to mix photos and text. However, if you want to hightlight the images more, you could choose a glossy finish.


Why choose La Prensa?

Save time and money: You need the right professional team. If you hire a printing company, it will assume the cost of the errors. We take care of every detail of your order.

Access to all types of formats: Now you can access all types of formats and finishes. Everything you need is at hand. For example: brochures, banners, flyers and much more. You can get it all when working with a digital printer. In addition, advice is given on the right format to make the best final product.

Fast and efficient service: Doing everything yourself takes a lot of time. However, if you hire a printer, the service is fast and efficient. This is why all orders are received on time. In addition, the final product is always of the best quality.

Technology needed for quality products: One of the biggest benefits is the quality of the products. Thanks to the technology used, the finishes are first class. In this way, our printing plant guarantees total customer satisfaction.

Graphic Consulting: The printing house has trained professionals who will advise you if necessary. This is to obtain a good quality final product.


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