If you’re looking for the best way to outstand from other businesses, our creative posters manage to do so. So, looking for poster printing in Chicago? La Prensa offers high quality at the best price.

Every business has to be one step ahead of its competition. This is why you should use traditional marketing tools. Here are the different types of posters you can choose from:
  • Infomercial Posters: These posters are the basic ones since they’re used to inform about products and/or services. They usually have a large image along with the information.


  • Formative Posters: These are used to spread awareness more than to promote a business. However, they do succeed in creating brand awareness in case that’s what you’re looking for.


  • Show Posters: The one every artist needs. You can use them as a pre-release poster.


  • Fashion Posters: This poster consists of a large image next to the name of the brand. It’s used to maintain the popularity of a brand.


  • Campaign Posters: These are perfect to promote your business. You can invite your clients to an event with the help of a creative campaign poster.


  • Affirmative Posters: These posters feature a motivational quote to catch the eye of the reader. Many businesses use these as publicity. What they do is place the name of the brand on the footer of the poster. 

Traditional marketing is still relevant


  • Traditional media is a great complement to online media: Marketing has evolved over time. As a result, there are many more options today. Thus, we must take advantage of what technology and the traditional offer us to achieve the best results.


  • More interactions with the clients: You can distribute your promotional materials at events. In this way, you would interact with your potential customers.


  • You can make a very good first impression: Investing in traditional media has a great long-term effect. It will definitely help you build trust and credibility.

Poster Printing Chicago

There are many advantages that come with advertising your business or your products/services with posters. It’s mainly because they are easy to notice and transport. Also, they look amazing on any space since they’re very adaptable.

Thus, if you’re looking for an affordable and creative way to advertise your business in Chicago, you need high quality posters. And luckily for you, La Prensa has everything your business needs to grow and attract more clients. We are more than glad to assist you in the process. Our services cover everything from the design to the delivery.

Why choose posters as an advertising strategy?


Posters manage to draw the attention of potential clients to a business or an event. This is because they are instantly noticeable due to their size or color. Our customized posters can help you outstand from other businesses. 

Likewise, posters are also useful indoors. In case you have extra space in your business, this is a good option. You can advertise new products and/or services this way. Small posters are used to spread information about your business or products/services.

So, why wait? Now it’s the best time to get posters to promote your business. Ready to see your business grow? Contact La Prensa.

Poster Applications

  • Music: The best way to advertise an upcoming concert is with band posters.


  • Arts: Want to advertise theater productions and cultural events? A creative poster design is what you need.


  • Promotions In Your Store: Advertise promotions with the help of an eye-catching poster.


  • Trade Shows and Conventions: Distribute your posters. And make sure to include information about your products or services.


Contact La Prensa.

Poster Printing Options

We can take care of the design in case you don’t have one. You can send us your ideas and concept for your poster so that we begin with the design process. In case you want to add something else, just let us know.
If you already have a design, upload your file, preferably a PDF file. Posters come in many sizes, but we recommend your poster design be 60 inches wide. There are also different materials like matte poster paper, gloss poster paper, and adhesive vinyl. And we offer many mounting options for hanging or if you want, freestanding signage.
Thus, why wait? We offer high-quality paper, a variety of sizes, and full color or black and white prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?
First, choose the available options to customize your poster. After that, click on ADD TO CART button and proceed to checkout. You’ll then receive an ORDER ID.
2. Can I use my own poster template?

Of course, you can use your own design. But make sure the file is sized to scale to the poster size you want.


3. What file types are accepted?
We accept PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files. However, we prefer PDF file since the PowerPoint ones may shift images and/or graphs when printing the poster.
4. What is UV ink and when do I need it?
UV inks are meant to last up to two years in direct sunlight while standard ink only lasts up to a couple of weeks. Thus, we highly recommend UV ink for posters.
5. What is the maximum size a poster can be?
The width of your poster can’t be more than 44”. Let us know in your order information in case you want other dimensions.
6. Why should I use poster advertising?
Posters allow you to spread your message to a wide audience. Also, it is more affordable than other kind of advertising. It’s a simple and effective way to attract more clients.
7. What should I include on my poster?
The essential parts of any poster are the headline, the message and the signature (name of your business).

Why choose La Prensa?

Save time and money: You need the right professional team. If you hire a printing company, it will assume the cost of the errors. We take care of every detail of your order.

Access to all types of formats: Now you can access all types of formats and finishes. Everything you need is at hand. For example: brochures, banners, flyers and much more. You can get it all when working with a digital printer. In addition, advice is given on the right format to make the best final product.

Fast and efficient service: Doing everything yourself takes a lot of time. However, if you hire a printer, the service is fast and efficient. This is why all orders are received on time. In addition, the final product is always of the best quality.

Technology needed for quality products: One of the biggest benefits is the quality of the products. Thanks to the technology used, the finishes are first class. In this way, our printing plant guarantees total customer satisfaction.

Graphic Consulting: The printing house has trained professionals who will advise you if necessary. This is to obtain a good quality final product.


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